The English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the most popular English language proficiency tests for academic education taught in English as well as for global migration. IELTS is accepted worldwide by more than 10,000 organizations abroad.

IELTS is accepted as evidence of English language proficiency for study, work and migration in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK, as well as for study and work in the USA.


  • Task achievement
  • Coherence and cohesion
  • Lexical Resource
  • Grammatical range and accuracy

Ingress Methodology

How you can achieve this ?

At Ingress Academy our mission is to provide you quality education at par with international standards which ultimately help you achieve the desired outcome whether in proficiency test results or core language skills for other purposes. Our team work hard to shape the curriculum and deliver it in the manner to get the maximum outcome from the curriculum.

Focus On Fundamental Building Blocks

  • Vocabulary Building techniques
  • Practice the right pronunciation
  • Understanding the usage of right grammatical structures
  • Expression of ideas
  • Emphasis on Punctuation

Use these building blocks to master all four parameters of the test

Listening & Speaking

Like a child, learn to speak and understand the language with unique immersion techniques


Learn the techniques of skimming & scanning, finding the right information and understanding complex ideas fast


Learn to write the fully developed and skillful paragraph using wide variety of vocabulary and structures.

Our Courses

Online Learning


IELTS Swift is designed keeping in mind the learners who are looking for quick refresh of their skills.

IELTS Standard

IELTS Standard is a comprehensive course which give the detailed explanation of each aspect of the language learning.

IELTS Advanced

IELTS Advanced is designed to give personalized feedback on the learners task.

In Person Learning

Comprehensive course

For continuous and rigorous practice for 1-2 Months.

Express Course

To do maximum practice in short duration of time.

One day Crash Course

Intense curse for final runthrough before the exam.

Our In person learning offers you rigorous practice with instant feedback. The schedules are flexible to meet the timings whether you are a student or professional. Opportunities to participate in group discussions, Language labs, informal meetups and Mock test.