In Person Learning

Our In person learning offers you rigorous practice with instant feedback. The schedules are flexible to meet the timings whether you are a student or professional. Opportunities to participate in group discussions, Language labs, informal meetups and Mock test. You get continuous support from the teacher. Informal meet ups help you to communicate with each other in stress free environment.

Course Offerings

Course structure


Ideal for people who want to get instant feedback on the activities in all the four modules. One to one interaction help people overcome their fear of speaking in front of other people or in a group.

Comprehensive Course

Our In person comprehensive course is for people who wants to work on their grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and other listening, reading, writing and speaking strategies. Depending upon your availability you can pick any one of our flexible schedule that suits you the best.

Comprehensive course schedule

  • Weekdays: Mon - Fri   1 hour per day (One month course)
           Tue/ Thur   2.5 hour per day (One month course)
  • Weekends: Sat/Sun   2.5 hours per day (Two months course)

Express Course

Our In person Express course is for people who want to learn the techniques to attempt the IELTS exam and practice them in class with the continuous feedback and support of the teacher.

Express course schedule

  • Mon/Wed/Fri   1.5 hours per day (One month course)

One day Crash Course

Our In person one day crash course is good for people who wants to clear their doubts and learn some techniques to attempt IELTS exam.

One Day Crash Course Schedule

  • Sunday:   9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (With one hour of Lunch Break, Minimum two students)